My birthday! shenanigans and such…

My birthday was amazing! Thanks to my gorgeous sister-in-law who arranged for a girls night out. First we went to Benjy’s for dinner here in Houston and then… well… out here are a few photos….

photo-3 Celina, me, Olivia

photo-4 me and Danielle (my sister)

Sunday I recovered and swore to never drink again. Monday we went to a St. Patrick’s day block party at my Father-in-laws restaurant,  The Rouxpour in Sugar Land Texas. (and that’s exactly why I don’t swear) ;) Today the big guy and I took Squeaker to play at La Centerra here in Katy because she was (and isn’t) feeling well and we wanted her to just have a mommy, daddy and Squeaks day. Gonna try Zarbee’s tonight. Have any of you mommies tried it? Does it work? I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of it after I’ve tried it a couple of times. *crossing fingers*

I’m sure this post was pretty boring. Tomorrows will be better I promise.

Later Lovers!

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