VIB Rouge private party!

So last night, I was invited to the VIB Rouge party at Sephora. It was super fun and I thought I’d share a couple of things I grabbed while I had the discount!


  • vib party
  • vib party 1
  • vib party 2
  • vib party 3
  • vib party 4
  • vib party 5
  • vib party 6
  • vib 7

 I also picked up a couple of gifts and some Kat Von D liner. When I opened my liner it was broken, so squeaker and I will be returning that today. booooo!!

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet, which was a hot ass mess! It had to be done though. I had a feeling that at any minute someone from TLC was going to call for me to be on an episode of hoarders. After a day of torture I celebrated my sweet friend Heathers birthday! I gave her a Bite Beauty lip care kit. I had the Agave mask and thought she’d like it as much as I did. The kit is a steal! You should really check it out. Here is the mask. The kit also comes with a lipstick as well as a scrub. Should maybe have gotten more….. hmmmmmm

Tonight I have another birthday to celebrate, the big guys step-mom. It’s a painting party and I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been to one, and last nights margaritas are making me pay today, so a nice girls night is all I could possibly handle!

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