Track Pants: A Love Story

I love Track Pants.

Deep love.

I am so happy that these pants are on trend that I can’t even take it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here are a few that are on my wish list.

Vince Camuto: Ankle Zip Track Pants

I have a pair like these from Target and I love them. They are so chic and COMFORTABLE! Can I get an AMEN! As a mommy I love finding outfits that are easy and comfortable and well, here’s another pair

Joie: Mariner B. Track Pants


I wore a pair of black track pants with a white tank and a black leather jacket all day today and I must have gotten 100 compliments. This trend is for everyone it would look great on anyone and you should totally try it.

Here and here are printed pairs I really want under $100.

I really hope you have a great day! Thank you so so so so much for reading and subscribe!

LOVE YOU! Greer :)

Head To Toe White

Another trend that has been popping up all over the place is head to toe white. A classic really, but still nice to see it represented in all my favorite magazines. One of my all time favorite things to wear is a white button up. I have compiled a little shopping list for ya…

This Mossimo Long and Lean tank is essential. It’s from Target and only $9! Get a couple!

Eileen Fisher Classic Collar Organic Cotton shirt. A bit pricey but you can wear this all year a million different ways. Great quality too!

This Gap Shrunken boyfriend shirt is awesome; it runs small though so order one size up.

Flared Shirt Dress. Ah-maze!

Tory Burch purse 

Monique Lhuillier Lace Fit and Flare Dress

Petite Modern Skinny Ankle Zip jeans. I have these, so comfy and great price.

I always wear the 3″ Chinos from J Crew. They are on sale right now!!! Go get them!!

I’m going to leave you with the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes pump…… The big guy thinks I’m crazy for obsessing over these but honestly, they make me weep. LOVE!

Gorgeous, just Gorgeous

Birthday Wish List!

It’s almost that time of year again! My birthday! I love getting older. I always think “I am so lucky to get to spend another year with these people I love!” I also get the birthday blues every year too though, and I don’t know why. This year it’s come a little early. 22 days until the big day and I already have some weird sad feeling… why is that? Anyway in an effort to perk myself up I decided to make a Birthday Wish List of the top 10 things I’d like. What I really need want is a vacation with Squeaker and the big guy and some serious girl time but, since Brush & Blush has been keeping me super busy and time away from Houston is unlikely…. here is what I came up with..

Henri Bendel Stiletto Spike Bracelet

Henri Bendel Disturbed Stripe Train Case

PMD Personal Microderm Device

Laura Mercier ‘Creme de Pistache’ Honey Bath

 Kate Spade: Cobblestone Park Stacy

For The Love Of Shoes- Coffee Table book

Working on my house and trying to get together a collection of cute side table/coffee table books. How gorgeous is this?

VS Collection: Leopard Pointed Toe Pump

any color really….

Bobbi Brown: The Lola sunnies

Any color is great but tortoise is making a comeback this season… not that it ever left

Levtex ‘Take Me Shopping’ pillow

So Cute! Really Going to work on my House this month and next!

Valentino ‘Rockstud’ T-Strap Pump

A girl can dream right?

What’s on your wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Bye Lovers!

The Best Sippy Cup Ever. Seriously.

After searching for weeks  months, I have finally found the perfect sippy cup. What makes it perfect you ask? First of all it doesn’t leak, that alone would make it a winner, but thats not all. It has handles, a straw, and a lid that is attached. Gone are the days of crawling underneath a restaurant table to find the lid, the one thing that separates every disgusting germ from the inside of your babies precious mouth. I won’t say that I’m paranoid, but I do assume that Squeaker has the flu the minute she touches the handle of a grocery cart or crawls in my closet and picks up a shoe.  So without further ado, say hello to the ZoLi ‘BOT’ cup

That nifty weight at the end of the straw allows for the straw to follow the milk (or juice etc) around no matter how Squeaker is holding it. Don’t be fooled by other brands that look  like they have the same thing, the straws on some of the other brands are too stiff and don’t work.

I hope you enjoy! What are some of your genius baby finds? oh and honestly…… can you handle the cute? I for one, can not….

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