Week 1 workout after baby!

Its been 1 week! and let me just answer the question everyone wants to know right away, how much weight did I lose. The answer is 3lbs!  Heres how:

so first of all, I felt TERRIBLE Sunday night. My husband told me to go to the after hours clinic, but being the true (ex)nurse that I am i refused. Until about midnight when I couldn’t break my own fever and started to get really worried about nursing my 6 week old baby girl. :( Late that night I asked if he could skip work so I could go to the clinic, and sure enough, STREP THROAT! The NP said that the flu test came back very faint but she was going to put me on antibiotics for the strep and a nose spray for my double ear infection (did I forget to mention that fun fact? yeh, ear infections too) My husband couldn’t miss anymore work and neither could I so I just drug my snotty ass around and continued on with life, including a Christmas party for my daughter at school on Friday and a sleep over at my house that night. super fun guys, super fun.

Because I knew everyone would want to know my weight, I had the big guy pick up batteries at the drug store to put in my scale to weigh myself, and after throwing it against the wall during my second trimester…… it worked! (cue angels singing) The number wasn’t pretty but I’m not so much worried about that, more that I want to fit into regular jeans and not look like a busted biscuit tin. I lost more than 65 pounds before and I’ll do it again, no worries, just this time I’m going to document it so you girls who may be struggling with the task at hand can join in the fun. This  morning -3 pounds I realized that I know how to do this, I just have to trust the process and not rush it.

this weeks game changer:

firstly let me say I can NOT be at a caloric deficit because I am currently breastfeeding. So if a normal woman consumes the daily recommended 2,000 calories, I should, according to breastfeeding advocates tack on an extra 500 and be at 2,500. I am currently staying between 2, and 2,500 cals, while burning around 500 a workout. but the real game changer is WHAT I am eating. I’m trying to eat my weight in protein……. ex: if you weigh 150lbs you would consume 150 grams of protein a day. The rest of my calories I’m trying to get in a small amount of carbs and a huge amount of fruits and veggies, especially green veggies. Sounds easy, but it’s actually loads of food. here are some not pinterest worthy real life pics for your eyeballs enjoyment.


prepping definitely helps me stay on track. That’s turkey bacon to the far right and if you cook it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge you can pull out a couple of pieces to add to any meal. If i don’t prep you’ll find me frantically filling my face with a sleeve of oreos….. because…… well….life.


this recipe is from my vegetarian days. Its super easy, chopped onion, mushrooms, zucchini and squash cook on medium heat with out a top until the onions sweat, cover it and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Timing depends on how soft you like your veggies. The longer you cook, the softer they will be. I worked in nursing home for long enough that I prefer my veggies crunchy, I know I’ll be arguing about this one day with a poor nurse one who regrets her/his career choice every time she/he sees me.

also for a snack I had chopped green bell pepper and I really loved it as a snack! grapefruit for breakfast has helped and oatmeal… I love oatmeal.

I made a video of me explaining this all, and realized that I am so annoying that I couldn’t possibly upload it… but I will keep you all up to date here. If I cook anything else that my 4 yr old approves of I will definitely post. here. on my little blog that 13 people read.

later lovers. p.s. i really love you. and i hope you are taking it easy on yourself and loving on family and friends this holiday season.

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