Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

I consider Valentine’s Day to be our anniversary. 6 years ago on this day the big guy took me on our first date. How we got to that point was a little more complicated than it sounds. I was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, on March 12th 1983. The day Jesus really said “Let there be light” I kid. I kid.

My husband was also born in Baton Rouge and we went to the same High School for 2 years before I switched schools. Anyway I met him in Spanish class, (yo hablo NO Espanol) at the ripe age of 14. He was a grade above me and had a car so we drove around talking for a year just as friends. Never dated, never kissed. Fast forward like 11 years and we both randomly lived in Houston……

I said something on MySpace like “What’s going on in Houston tonight” and we realized we lived about 45 minutes apart. This was right before Valentines day. Valentine’s day fell on a Wednesday that year and he asked me on a date for that Friday. Sure, why not, we were friends right? So after he asked me on that date I posted something like “Wednesday night is Valentine’s, who’s taking me out?” As you can imagine my comment box exploded…. :) and the big guy sent me an immediate text saying, and I quote “that’s messed up, I’m taking you out Friday and you’re having others guys ask you out for Wednesday?” I meeeeeeean…. we weren’t dating, I hadn’t even seen him in years…… basically I was a jerk. Luckily he knows what he wants and said “Cancel your date with whoever and I’m taking you out BOTH nights”

I fell in love right then, at that moment, without knowing it… I had found my soul mate.

After our second date, that Friday, we were almost never apart again. I threw caution to the wind and we were engaged 5 months later, we were married 5 months after that on Television. The Rachel Ray Show to be exact.

So today, more than my birthday, more than our wedding day or the day of my daughters birth, means more to me than any other day in the whole wide world. I took the first step into our future, the one that makes my birthday’s special, made my wedding happen and later created the most adorable girl in the world, our Squeaker. Today marks 6 years of kissing that big dude I met as a kid.

It’s love y’all. The real deal. The sometimes ugly but always there love. The kind worth living for. Cheers Lovers and have a very Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!

November 2, 2008

and because I’m such a hopeless romantic I baked him this lovely cake…..


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