Best gifts for a 1 year old….. according to Squeaker

So I was looking through pictures of my daughters 1st birthday party, which I have yet to upload, and was thinking of doing a post. While I was doing that I thought, what have been her favorite toys this past year? The big guy and I discussed it at length, talked it over with Squeaker and here is what we came up with….. A gift guide for a 1 year old…..

best 1 yr old gifts
Squeaks LOVES this, chasing the balls around isn’t super fun but, it’s what is suppose to inspire your baby to crawl.
This is a great toy for when other little’s come over. Fun for multiple kid at the same time.
All Little people toys are my go-to for gifts for a 1-3 year old, no little pieces and kids love them. If this is out of your price range, they make several playsets that are just as fun.
You can make several adjustments on the actual radio flyer website to these wagons, even customize your own. I linked this to Walmart because I found that they are much less expensive there, but girl…. if you got it like that go directly to the Radio Flyer website. ;)
At 12.99 you can’t beat it, and how cute are they??!!
These are linked to websites I think are the best as far as ordering online, but that’s not to say that they are the cheapest place to find these items. I would highly recommend checking out Walmart and Amazon when it comes to buying toys at the best price. Especially if you are buying toys for charity and need multiples of these items.
I posted this because my Best Sippy Cup Ever gets the most hits. If you would like to see something specific though feel free to leave a comment, don’t be shy :)
Talk to you soon Lovers!
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