Wednesday’s: What A Wonderful World!

The happiest noise in the world has got to be laughter. Any laughter really but have you ever heard a baby/kid laugh? ahhhhh what a sound. What an absolutely amazing gift we have to communicate happiness in any language. Have you ever been grocery shopping and heard a kid one row over giggling? You immediately smile right???? It’s so good!!! Makes you kiss your own baby, right there, because you’re happy. Well watch this…..

Right now I want to book a trip to Disney World. I couldn’t surprise Squeaker because she’s too little, but man to see her smile and giggle, well that’ll make a mommy move mountains, work over-time, dance like a fool in public in a spit covered top. All for that giggle, squeal sweet happy baby noise. Can you believe babies are being born everyday? What A Wonderful World!

Have a Great Week Lovers!

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