Sesame Street Live!

We went. We saw. We fell backwards out of a chair and cried…. well, one of us, I’ll let you wonder which one.


My MIL, who we call Nanny, gifted us with Tickets to see Sesame Street Live, here in Houston! Floor seats at that! Immediately after taking this picture we went to go sit down in our folding chairs. Squeakers chair collapsed on her and she fell out of the back! A couple behind us told us it had JUST happened to their little girl. They were quick to help her up and thank goodness their baby bag was on the floor so Squeaks had a bit of padding, but I mean, Sesame Street…. c’mon! Wasn’t a huge deal though because Elmo came out minutes later and made things right the way only Elmo can. You see that Elmo Squeaker is holding? She calls that “Melmo” and she’s pretty serious about carrying it everywhere, kinda funny since she doesn’t really watch Sesame Street all that often. She’s had it since she was 2 months old and I dare you to try and pry that crusty thing from her hands! After Sesame Street we went to Nannys for dinner and, well, Squeaker fell asleep eating broccoli.

All in all I would say it’s a show totally worth seeing. Squeakers 2.5 yr old cousin COULD’T stop dancing and Squeaks  didn’t mind me stealing Melmo so she could clap. The characters walked up and down the isle so an isle seat is just as fun as sitting right in the middle. We were only 8 rows back and I’m happy because it was just enough room to see the back of the stage without straining. People were polite and helpful and dads hunched over so you could see over shoulders. It was awesome. Just ask the 5 year old girl behind us who was shedding tears and screaming “I loooove you Eeeeelmo!!!!” It was like being at a Michael Jackson concert…. you know….sorta like that…..

My footwear: Hunter Rain Boots

Squeakers footwear: Minnetonka Frindge Bootie

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