Loving lately….

It’s been quite some time since I listed a few of the things that I’ve been loving so this might be a little all over the place. Forgive me, or better still, just don’t read.

I’m a huge fan of Aveeno products. No surprise their body wash is amazing. The price is high. Really high when you are looking at the Dial soap and saying to yourself  “unless this Dial has the tears of children in it, It might be a better idea”  But, I can assure you friends, Aveeno has done it again, creating a soap that hydrates and smells nice. None of those ridiculous scents like “Summer rain”….. Have you ever smelled anyone who just walked in from a summer rain? It’s terrible. Heres a delicious scent called “wet dog”……ummm no thanks.

Speaking of scents, bergamot. I’ve always loved it and just remembered how happy the scent makes me every time I pass it. Mostly in candles, I wouldn’t spray the scent on me or anything, but it smells…. cozy. Makes me want to cuddle up and enjoy some hot tea and read my next new fave…..

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

Great so far. I’ll do a full review when I am done. Also remember when I read Gone Girl? I told you all it was “over rated”? Movie coming out! Like all the other great books, Twilight anyone? The Fault in our Stars? I kid, I kid. But seriously it stars…., wait for it….., Ben Affleck. siiiigh

These shoes.

Jessica Simpson shoes are the truth! None of the mercury in all of that tuna has affected the fact that this lady can design a sturdy, vestal, comfortable and good-looking pump. I wear these EVERYDAY, and I love them. If you follow me on Instagram you probably see them all the time which is why I am ordering another pair and getting them in black as well. Go Jessica! And congrats on the wedding and super cute kids too!

Squeaker would like to share a few things as well. First up,

All natural, Gluten free, baked, blah blah blah. decently healthy treat that she loves. Notice I said “treat” and not snack. Snacks around here are in fact whole, clean foods, but, if she wants a hand full of these so I can concentrate in the wine isle, so be it.

Also, Monsters Inc. I’m not sure why she has such a fascination with this movie. She’s more like me in that, she can watch a 30 minute show but a movie is pushing it. This movie however has her full attention the entire time it’s on. She liked the Croods for a while too…

Oh, and remember that water play table the Easter Bunny brought her? CLUTCH! That thing is a game changer. From now on everyones kid is getting a water play table from me, safer than a pool, just as easy to put away, fills faster and the kid can play for a solid 2 hours at that thing. So, if you invite me to your kids birthday…. go ahead and expect that. You can thank me later. I’m like Oprah with those things now… “you get a water play table, and you get a water play table..”

Thank you for reading. I will be writing more frequently. Something you want to see leave it for me in comments. They don’t all get approved so you can save your rude comments for someone else :)

Later Lovers!

January Bath & Body Favorites

I have found several new bath and body products I am LOVING this month! I’d post some makeup favorites, but I will wait to unveil the gorgeous line I have decided to carry in my salon, Brush & Blush, until later.  In the mean time, here is what’s been in my shower :)

Lush: Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub  This stuff is amazing! I have recently learned that if you are trying to tighten your skin you should use a salt scrub and if you would like to open your pores to be able to get a product, like moisturizer, really deep into your skin you should use a sugar scrub. As far as salt scrubs go, this one gets an A+

Speaking of sugar scrubs, I purchased this Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Polish from Sephora and not only does it smell amazing but it also does everything it promises. It has a pretty strong lime smell, that fades soon after toweling off so it’s not over-powering, just enough to invigorate you and get you pumped for the day. At only $20, you get A LOT of product.

Run. No, seriously. Run to Sephora and pick this up today! By far my favorite product purchase of the month, this Josie Maran: Whipped Argan Oil is fantastic! I bought the Vanilla Apricot scent and have since been searching for anything else that smells as delicious. I only use this on my arms and neck because the rest of my body requires being shellacked in a much stronger moisturizer. This product is light, hydrating and in my opinion would make the perfect gift, especially with Valentines day around the corner. Treat a friend to this, she will thank you.

What were you loving this month? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be posting another blog very soon so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear those as well. (Squeakers favorites? Recipe? Fashion?) I’m so excited for this new adventure in our live’s and honored that  you guys care enough to join me on my journey! I promise to post as often as possible and take all recommendations into consideration. Have a great day and stay warm!


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