So I’m going to let you guys in on the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. So far. I say so far because I put myself out there so much in life that I’m bound to have worse happen.  It happened just about a week ago, on a Wednesday. I had the new manager of my salon over to start some work. She has been coming over for about a month just so we can do some work before the salon actually opens. I tried to make a couple of cups of Community coffee in my kurreg, which end up tasting a lot more like community garbage than the Community coffee I love so much. So after watching her struggle to swallow it, I suggest we go to Starbucks.

While walking out of the door my husband and business partner (who I often refer to as ‘the big guy’) ask me to run off a couple of copies of something he say’s we need for an upcoming meeting. I agree and he hands me a hard drive.

This is not a problem for me, if I myself had to plug-in this hard drive and make copies… I’d have no clue, but he simply tell me all I have to do is hand this to the guy at Kinkos, and tell him to make the copies. No biggie, I know that guy, he knows me, he calls me by name. He has often helped me carry packages to and from my car. He even recognized when I got a new car! We both live in the neighborhood behind his lovely copier place, so we often say things like “see you at the Easter egg hunt”  I never actually attend these things but, it’s nice to act like I would. The rest of the story goes like this……..

I walk in, co-worker and Manager in-toe and hand him the hard drive.

“Hi Miss Greer!”

” Hi ——-”  I say   “How have you been? This is my friend————“

“Good Good, very good. Haven’t seen you in a while, you look good. Hi ———– nice to meet you”

I hand him the hard drive, he plugs that bad boy in. Meanwhile I’m whispering to my co-worker how I’ve known this guy for a while, really nice but he talks a lot. “this is where I want you to come to make copies for me —— will take care of you, he REALLY likes me”

“ummm Miss Greer?”


“they have nothing to print… only pictures. do you want me to print pictures?”

“What, no. What pictures? Let me see”

He turns the screen around. And there. it. is.

My vagina.

Pictures from my birth. Legs in stirrups. sweaty face.

“no, don’t print those. I’ll take that hard drive and get the right one. I’m so sorry”

That my friends is what I call employee bonding.

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Make up Nerd for life!

With the opening of my baby, Brush and Blush, opening soon, I’ve left you guys high and dry! I am so so sorry and to make it up to you I’m going to very shortly (in less than a week) post my most embarrassing story. Believe me, It’s terrible. Anyway in the meantime I thought I’d announce the make up line we are carrying….. wait for it…. Kevyn Aucoin!

I could not be more excited, you can buy any of the products here…. of course go to shop at the top

But for you lovers, I have listed my favorites.

The Celestial Bronzing veil in Tropical Nights


Not only is the packaging gorgeous, but it is sooooo easy to blend out. Tropical days is a little light for me which is why I wear Tropical Nights. Now you know how I fake this tan.

Also The Pure Powder Glow.

Shadore, Dolline and Natura are my personal favorites. Shadore is pink,  Dolline is a little more peach-y and Natura is perfect for a natural glow if you already have major lips going on. (I asked for it for Mother’s Day)

The Expert Lip Color!

I’m wearing Carliana on my latest Instagram post! Thelmadora is the perfect nude, moisturizing enough that you don’t need a gloss! But of course the glosses are also amazing. If you see anything on the site you want more information about just ask me here! Other than that I hope you have all had a fantastic day and week so far! Be sure to Subscribe!! I love you so much! so so so much!



I’ve had No time lately. Brush & Blush should open any day now and I can’t wait but I’m EXHAUSTED! Here’s what’s been going on outside of the salon…

First of all I’m reading this..

It’s a New York Times best seller. I’m not done yet but so far it doesn’t live up to the hype in my opinion. For me it’s a mixture of a sad/scary but also bat-shit crazy couple who are no longer in love, so if you’re into that, read on sister. One thing I do actually enjoy about this book is that the narrator changes mid-book, kinda cool. My last book was a David Sedaris that made me laugh so hard I cried, so well Gone Girl was a reeeeal downer in comparison. Then again, to each their own, and again, I’m no scholar. ;)

Yesterday I worked in my yard for 8, yes 8, hours. It was amazing. I haven’t had that much time to do something I like all alone in a LONG time and I find working in my yard to be very relaxing. I learned all about Lichen. That’s the stuff on trees that looks like this…

It was causing my Oak trees to grow much slower but, like a true type A, after identifying the problem I read how to rid my trees of this and then got to work. I’m pretty proud of myself, waiting for the weather to get better so I can finish the yard and really enjoy the out doors by getting hammered on my patio.

The most exciting news is this…

I was going to save this for my March favorites but allow me to share now. This is the Dr. Dennis Gross 14 day challenge. I only have 4 days left and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! Works wonders! My skin looks SO much better, texture, tone, everything. I would totally recommend it. It’s here. You’re welcome.

Other than that just, making employee handbooks, buying and upgrading business phones, setting up photo shoots, hiring employees, letting other people down gently, talking to 3 different suppliers, setting up training, and trying a billion different hot tools…. suggestions for the best curling iron or wand are encouraged. I think I could sleep for 3 months straight.

I love you for reading this. You make me happy. Sign up on the right to get updates and if you wanna be super cool, “like” your favorite post so I can make more that are similar!

Later Lovers, Greer

5 signs you’ve really got your shit together… at home

The title explains it so we’ll jump right in.

1. Organized under-sinks. Especially under-bathroom-sinks. Mine are pretty organized but when I see stuff like this,

I feel like a failure. First of all, how is your shit colored coordinated? And you’re telling me you didn’t have that 1 extra roll of toilet paper that didn’t fit in your basket so it’s sitting a-top your toilet like the rest of us? or better yet, on top the other roll?

Still, I want to be you, and learn your ways.

2. Your car is always clean. I’ve managed this one a time or two. A clean car makes me happy. Unlike underneath your sinks, you see the inside of your car daily, so clutter stresses me out and I’ll actually make time for that. When I do clean out my car though, i don’t just go grab an old grocery bag for trash…. no honey, I’ve gotta pull the outside garbage can around. But, look at this!

I have a child. I have never thought she needed this much stuff for a simple trip to Target. Now I do. AND you have the nerve to mention you bought all this from the Dollar Store?

Let’s hang out, because you ma’am have really got it together.

3. You use an iron. On your clothes. Like and adult. Honestly, who uses an iron? I wet a sock and throw it in the dryer on “de-wrinkle” why else buy a dryer with a de-wrinkle button? Some people find it charming that I have to change my clothing throughout the day like a toddler. Mostly because I spill things on myself, or I find something after 4 hours of wearing it to be “itchy”. So there.

But still, could you show me how to iron? for real?

4. Your wreath matches the holiday we are currently celebrating. Or really if you put up decorations for every single holiday, show off. I don’t mean to brag but, I still have my Valentines wreath up. But, it is Spring and my wreath is flowers…. sooooo, who cares if it’s in the shape of a heart. I LOVE Easter so that’s what the heart means…. sorta. And plus It’s cold outside, so changing it now might get me sick.

But…. Thanks for reminding me what holiday I should be expecting. Who knew presidents day wasn’t that long ago?

5. you wake up early. I have tried. LORD knows I have tried. But really, if there isn’t at least 4 digits on the clock, I can’t function; not properly anyway. I’d probably do lots more things if they started around 1p.m. Maybe attend church or a parade or something… or a church parade.. I don’t know.

All of these things I wish I was better at. Really I do. BUT, I’m super fun and you can’t teach that. So there is always that. Oh and the last thing I made at home turned out pretty wonderful….. see

photo-5 We are decorating for Easter today.

Later Lovers! Greer

The best sunscreen. Seriously.

I have pretty dark skin so most people are convinced that I lay out in the sun all day. The truth is, my very close friend Amanda has had Melanoma removed twice, and she’s my age. That’s scary and because of that, I am serious about sunblock! My tan is partially from the fact that my father is from Honduras, and partially because I use these amazing products…

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Just mix a couple of drops of this with your sunscreen and BOOM, golden face! ;) A couple of other things that I love are the St.  Tropez Tanning Essentials mousse and the Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil.

If you need any convincing besides the whole skin cancer scare let me also say that 90% of skin changes associated with aging are caused by exposure to UVA rays. So you know, if that means more than the threat of death… there’s that. Here’s what to look for in your sunscreen…

SPF only refers to the protection against UVB rays, which is why all of these new sunblocks say they are “broad spectrum”. Look for broad spectrum sunscreens to help protect against both UVA and UVB rays. If it’s truly going to protect against UVA it needs to contain one or more of these things, Ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. BUT, being the amazing person I am I’ve already done the research to find one that is affordable…. you can thank me by following me… lol

Aveeno protect + hydrate

oxybenzone 5% and Avobenzone 3%

Normal clothing only has about 4% sun protection so put it under your shirt on your shoulders too! You need at least 15% protection but much more than that doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Hope that helps!

XOXO lovers! Greer

My birthday! shenanigans and such…

My birthday was amazing! Thanks to my gorgeous sister-in-law who arranged for a girls night out. First we went to Benjy’s for dinner here in Houston and then… well… out here are a few photos….

photo-3 Celina, me, Olivia

photo-4 me and Danielle (my sister)

Sunday I recovered and swore to never drink again. Monday we went to a St. Patrick’s day block party at my Father-in-laws restaurant,  The Rouxpour in Sugar Land Texas. (and that’s exactly why I don’t swear) ;) Today the big guy and I took Squeaker to play at La Centerra here in Katy because she was (and isn’t) feeling well and we wanted her to just have a mommy, daddy and Squeaks day. Gonna try Zarbee’s tonight. Have any of you mommies tried it? Does it work? I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of it after I’ve tried it a couple of times. *crossing fingers*

I’m sure this post was pretty boring. Tomorrows will be better I promise.

Later Lovers!

Gap Baby Haul!

Gap always has things go on sale for what they swear will only be 48 hours, or the weekend, or whatever…. and when that happens, and I’ve had my eye on something I buy it then. Things never really go on sale there for more than 40% so when you see that definitely buy everything. If they ever do have a sale for more than 40% they never have the proper sizes. Here’s what I  purchased for Squeaker the last time Gap had a sale.

Squeaker will be 18 months in May so I went ahead and stocked up on some cute summer stuff.  What’s your favorite thing?

Wednesday was my birthday and tomorrow night I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrate! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I promise to take pictures! Have a great weekend Lovers! Greer

Track Pants: A Love Story

I love Track Pants.

Deep love.

I am so happy that these pants are on trend that I can’t even take it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here are a few that are on my wish list.

Vince Camuto: Ankle Zip Track Pants

I have a pair like these from Target and I love them. They are so chic and COMFORTABLE! Can I get an AMEN! As a mommy I love finding outfits that are easy and comfortable and well, here’s another pair

Joie: Mariner B. Track Pants


I wore a pair of black track pants with a white tank and a black leather jacket all day today and I must have gotten 100 compliments. This trend is for everyone it would look great on anyone and you should totally try it.

Here and here are printed pairs I really want under $100.

I really hope you have a great day! Thank you so so so so much for reading and subscribe!

LOVE YOU! Greer :)

How to get your baby to eat spinach…

After some really rough attempts at getting Squeaker to eat spinach, I think we’ve figured it out and it’s pretty simple. Every kid likes mac and cheese. I think it’s like a genetic thing or something but my little nugget is no different so combining the two is genius.

This is a great way to get your child to eat spinach but also feel like they are having a treat. You only need two things.

Obviously the two things you need are Mac and Cheese and spinach but I always use this Mac. I can normally find it on sale for 10 for $10. That’s $1 for a box that’s at least 2 meals for my 15 month old. Of course you could always make your own Mac if you’d like.

and then a can of spinach like this

simple as that. After the Mac is made add a can of this and stir. She can’t really separate the two so she just eats the whole thing! I don’t know if this helps you but I sure love it and so does Squeaker :) BONUS!

Sorry for being MIA, my blog has been acting funny and won’t allow me to upload pictures! Ugh! I’m open to suggestions! Have a great day and make some Spinach Mac!

February Favorites

This past week and weekend was packed! I’ll share a couple of pictures and then jump into my February favorites.


We went to the Houston rodeo cook off. Had a great time and then went and had dinner at Truluck’s. It was SOOOO good. If you live near one you should totally go.

Sunday was pretty chill we watched the Academy Awards. Ellen was awesome! Don’t you think! and Lupita!!! Ugh incredible speech. Such a lovely person!

photo-4 This is David, Goliath and Squeaker discussing life. She is so sweet I can’t even take it….

So here are a few things I was loving the month of February…

This GlamGlow Supermud mask. It’s intense! It pulls out EVERYTHING! worth every penny and it is pricey. It’s not a glamorous do at home mask, you won’t feel invigorated, or like you were at the spa, but it gets the job done. Trust me.

Josie Maran Argan Oil. Obviously I’m obsessed with this entire line but I’ve been using this on the ends of my hair to keep them from completely breaking off and my stylist told me she could see a difference. If you don’t know or can’t tell my ends are purple which means they had to be bleached first. They will need to be cut off pretty soon when I go back to regular old brown :(

You can just find this at your local grocery store. I keep trying different ones and this is just the best. It’s nothing fancy but I love it! I’m having it now actually.

Squeakers Minnetonka’s Trying to find something to fit her narrow, small foot is tough and these work great. Plan on buying another pair soon because she is growing out of these. I bought a TON of things from Baby Gap on sale for her 18 month stash. Should I do a baby Haul post? Comment yes if you wanna see one. I have these.

Let me know what you want to see more of! Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe! Thanks :)