Week 1 workout after baby!

Its been 1 week! and let me just answer the question everyone wants to know right away, how much weight did I lose. The answer is 3lbs!  Heres how:

so first of all, I felt TERRIBLE Sunday night. My husband told me to go to the after hours clinic, but being the true (ex)nurse that I am i refused. Until about midnight when I couldn’t break my own fever and started to get really worried about nursing my 6 week old baby girl. :( Late that night I asked if he could skip work so I could go to the clinic, and sure enough, STREP THROAT! The NP said that the flu test came back very faint but she was going to put me on antibiotics for the strep and a nose spray for my double ear infection (did I forget to mention that fun fact? yeh, ear infections too) My husband couldn’t miss anymore work and neither could I so I just drug my snotty ass around and continued on with life, including a Christmas party for my daughter at school on Friday and a sleep over at my house that night. super fun guys, super fun.

Because I knew everyone would want to know my weight, I had the big guy pick up batteries at the drug store to put in my scale to weigh myself, and after throwing it against the wall during my second trimester…… it worked! (cue angels singing) The number wasn’t pretty but I’m not so much worried about that, more that I want to fit into regular jeans and not look like a busted biscuit tin. I lost more than 65 pounds before and I’ll do it again, no worries, just this time I’m going to document it so you girls who may be struggling with the task at hand can join in the fun. This  morning -3 pounds I realized that I know how to do this, I just have to trust the process and not rush it.

this weeks game changer:

firstly let me say I can NOT be at a caloric deficit because I am currently breastfeeding. So if a normal woman consumes the daily recommended 2,000 calories, I should, according to breastfeeding advocates tack on an extra 500 and be at 2,500. I am currently staying between 2, and 2,500 cals, while burning around 500 a workout. but the real game changer is WHAT I am eating. I’m trying to eat my weight in protein……. ex: if you weigh 150lbs you would consume 150 grams of protein a day. The rest of my calories I’m trying to get in a small amount of carbs and a huge amount of fruits and veggies, especially green veggies. Sounds easy, but it’s actually loads of food. here are some not pinterest worthy real life pics for your eyeballs enjoyment.


prepping definitely helps me stay on track. That’s turkey bacon to the far right and if you cook it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge you can pull out a couple of pieces to add to any meal. If i don’t prep you’ll find me frantically filling my face with a sleeve of oreos….. because…… well….life.


this recipe is from my vegetarian days. Its super easy, chopped onion, mushrooms, zucchini and squash cook on medium heat with out a top until the onions sweat, cover it and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Timing depends on how soft you like your veggies. The longer you cook, the softer they will be. I worked in nursing home for long enough that I prefer my veggies crunchy, I know I’ll be arguing about this one day with a poor nurse one who regrets her/his career choice every time she/he sees me.

also for a snack I had chopped green bell pepper and I really loved it as a snack! grapefruit for breakfast has helped and oatmeal… I love oatmeal.

I made a video of me explaining this all, and realized that I am so annoying that I couldn’t possibly upload it… but I will keep you all up to date here. If I cook anything else that my 4 yr old approves of I will definitely post. here. on my little blog that 13 people read.

later lovers. p.s. i really love you. and i hope you are taking it easy on yourself and loving on family and friends this holiday season.

Loving lately….

It’s been quite some time since I listed a few of the things that I’ve been loving so this might be a little all over the place. Forgive me, or better still, just don’t read.

I’m a huge fan of Aveeno products. No surprise their body wash is amazing. The price is high. Really high when you are looking at the Dial soap and saying to yourself  “unless this Dial has the tears of children in it, It might be a better idea”  But, I can assure you friends, Aveeno has done it again, creating a soap that hydrates and smells nice. None of those ridiculous scents like “Summer rain”….. Have you ever smelled anyone who just walked in from a summer rain? It’s terrible. Heres a delicious scent called “wet dog”……ummm no thanks.

Speaking of scents, bergamot. I’ve always loved it and just remembered how happy the scent makes me every time I pass it. Mostly in candles, I wouldn’t spray the scent on me or anything, but it smells…. cozy. Makes me want to cuddle up and enjoy some hot tea and read my next new fave…..

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

Great so far. I’ll do a full review when I am done. Also remember when I read Gone Girl? I told you all it was “over rated”? Movie coming out! Like all the other great books, Twilight anyone? The Fault in our Stars? I kid, I kid. But seriously it stars…., wait for it….., Ben Affleck. siiiigh

These shoes.

Jessica Simpson shoes are the truth! None of the mercury in all of that tuna has affected the fact that this lady can design a sturdy, vestal, comfortable and good-looking pump. I wear these EVERYDAY, and I love them. If you follow me on Instagram you probably see them all the time which is why I am ordering another pair and getting them in black as well. Go Jessica! And congrats on the wedding and super cute kids too!

Squeaker would like to share a few things as well. First up,

All natural, Gluten free, baked, blah blah blah. decently healthy treat that she loves. Notice I said “treat” and not snack. Snacks around here are in fact whole, clean foods, but, if she wants a hand full of these so I can concentrate in the wine isle, so be it.

Also, Monsters Inc. I’m not sure why she has such a fascination with this movie. She’s more like me in that, she can watch a 30 minute show but a movie is pushing it. This movie however has her full attention the entire time it’s on. She liked the Croods for a while too…

Oh, and remember that water play table the Easter Bunny brought her? CLUTCH! That thing is a game changer. From now on everyones kid is getting a water play table from me, safer than a pool, just as easy to put away, fills faster and the kid can play for a solid 2 hours at that thing. So, if you invite me to your kids birthday…. go ahead and expect that. You can thank me later. I’m like Oprah with those things now… “you get a water play table, and you get a water play table..”

Thank you for reading. I will be writing more frequently. Something you want to see leave it for me in comments. They don’t all get approved so you can save your rude comments for someone else :)

Later Lovers!

Gap Baby Haul!

Gap always has things go on sale for what they swear will only be 48 hours, or the weekend, or whatever…. and when that happens, and I’ve had my eye on something I buy it then. Things never really go on sale there for more than 40% so when you see that definitely buy everything. If they ever do have a sale for more than 40% they never have the proper sizes. Here’s what I  purchased for Squeaker the last time Gap had a sale.

Squeaker will be 18 months in May so I went ahead and stocked up on some cute summer stuff.  What’s your favorite thing?

Wednesday was my birthday and tomorrow night I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrate! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I promise to take pictures! Have a great weekend Lovers! Greer

How to get your baby to eat spinach…

After some really rough attempts at getting Squeaker to eat spinach, I think we’ve figured it out and it’s pretty simple. Every kid likes mac and cheese. I think it’s like a genetic thing or something but my little nugget is no different so combining the two is genius.

This is a great way to get your child to eat spinach but also feel like they are having a treat. You only need two things.

Obviously the two things you need are Mac and Cheese and spinach but I always use this Mac. I can normally find it on sale for 10 for $10. That’s $1 for a box that’s at least 2 meals for my 15 month old. Of course you could always make your own Mac if you’d like.

and then a can of spinach like this

simple as that. After the Mac is made add a can of this and stir. She can’t really separate the two so she just eats the whole thing! I don’t know if this helps you but I sure love it and so does Squeaker :) BONUS!

Sorry for being MIA, my blog has been acting funny and won’t allow me to upload pictures! Ugh! I’m open to suggestions! Have a great day and make some Spinach Mac!

February Favorites

This past week and weekend was packed! I’ll share a couple of pictures and then jump into my February favorites.


We went to the Houston rodeo cook off. Had a great time and then went and had dinner at Truluck’s. It was SOOOO good. If you live near one you should totally go.

Sunday was pretty chill we watched the Academy Awards. Ellen was awesome! Don’t you think! and Lupita!!! Ugh incredible speech. Such a lovely person!

photo-4 This is David, Goliath and Squeaker discussing life. She is so sweet I can’t even take it….

So here are a few things I was loving the month of February…

This GlamGlow Supermud mask. It’s intense! It pulls out EVERYTHING! worth every penny and it is pricey. It’s not a glamorous do at home mask, you won’t feel invigorated, or like you were at the spa, but it gets the job done. Trust me.

Josie Maran Argan Oil. Obviously I’m obsessed with this entire line but I’ve been using this on the ends of my hair to keep them from completely breaking off and my stylist told me she could see a difference. If you don’t know or can’t tell my ends are purple which means they had to be bleached first. They will need to be cut off pretty soon when I go back to regular old brown :(

You can just find this at your local grocery store. I keep trying different ones and this is just the best. It’s nothing fancy but I love it! I’m having it now actually.

Squeakers Minnetonka’s Trying to find something to fit her narrow, small foot is tough and these work great. Plan on buying another pair soon because she is growing out of these. I bought a TON of things from Baby Gap on sale for her 18 month stash. Should I do a baby Haul post? Comment yes if you wanna see one. I have these.

Let me know what you want to see more of! Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe! Thanks :)

Wednesday’s: What A Wonderful World!

The happiest noise in the world has got to be laughter. Any laughter really but have you ever heard a baby/kid laugh? ahhhhh what a sound. What an absolutely amazing gift we have to communicate happiness in any language. Have you ever been grocery shopping and heard a kid one row over giggling? You immediately smile right???? It’s so good!!! Makes you kiss your own baby, right there, because you’re happy. Well watch this…..

Right now I want to book a trip to Disney World. I couldn’t surprise Squeaker because she’s too little, but man to see her smile and giggle, well that’ll make a mommy move mountains, work over-time, dance like a fool in public in a spit covered top. All for that giggle, squeal sweet happy baby noise. Can you believe babies are being born everyday? What A Wonderful World!

Have a Great Week Lovers!

Best gifts for a 1 year old….. according to Squeaker

So I was looking through pictures of my daughters 1st birthday party, which I have yet to upload, and was thinking of doing a post. While I was doing that I thought, what have been her favorite toys this past year? The big guy and I discussed it at length, talked it over with Squeaker and here is what we came up with….. A gift guide for a 1 year old…..

best 1 yr old gifts
Squeaks LOVES this, chasing the balls around isn’t super fun but, it’s what is suppose to inspire your baby to crawl.
This is a great toy for when other little’s come over. Fun for multiple kid at the same time.
All Little people toys are my go-to for gifts for a 1-3 year old, no little pieces and kids love them. If this is out of your price range, they make several playsets that are just as fun.
You can make several adjustments on the actual radio flyer website to these wagons, even customize your own. I linked this to Walmart because I found that they are much less expensive there, but girl…. if you got it like that go directly to the Radio Flyer website. ;)
At 12.99 you can’t beat it, and how cute are they??!!
These are linked to websites I think are the best as far as ordering online, but that’s not to say that they are the cheapest place to find these items. I would highly recommend checking out Walmart and Amazon when it comes to buying toys at the best price. Especially if you are buying toys for charity and need multiples of these items.
I posted this because my Best Sippy Cup Ever gets the most hits. If you would like to see something specific though feel free to leave a comment, don’t be shy :)
Talk to you soon Lovers!

Sesame Street Live!

We went. We saw. We fell backwards out of a chair and cried…. well, one of us, I’ll let you wonder which one.


My MIL, who we call Nanny, gifted us with Tickets to see Sesame Street Live, here in Houston! Floor seats at that! Immediately after taking this picture we went to go sit down in our folding chairs. Squeakers chair collapsed on her and she fell out of the back! A couple behind us told us it had JUST happened to their little girl. They were quick to help her up and thank goodness their baby bag was on the floor so Squeaks had a bit of padding, but I mean, Sesame Street…. c’mon! Wasn’t a huge deal though because Elmo came out minutes later and made things right the way only Elmo can. You see that Elmo Squeaker is holding? She calls that “Melmo” and she’s pretty serious about carrying it everywhere, kinda funny since she doesn’t really watch Sesame Street all that often. She’s had it since she was 2 months old and I dare you to try and pry that crusty thing from her hands! After Sesame Street we went to Nannys for dinner and, well, Squeaker fell asleep eating broccoli.

All in all I would say it’s a show totally worth seeing. Squeakers 2.5 yr old cousin COULD’T stop dancing and Squeaks  didn’t mind me stealing Melmo so she could clap. The characters walked up and down the isle so an isle seat is just as fun as sitting right in the middle. We were only 8 rows back and I’m happy because it was just enough room to see the back of the stage without straining. People were polite and helpful and dads hunched over so you could see over shoulders. It was awesome. Just ask the 5 year old girl behind us who was shedding tears and screaming “I loooove you Eeeeelmo!!!!” It was like being at a Michael Jackson concert…. you know….sorta like that…..

My footwear: Hunter Rain Boots

Squeakers footwear: Minnetonka Frindge Bootie

Squeaker learns to swim!

Squeakers G-daddy gave her swim lessons for her birthday. She’s pretty tiny so we decided to hold off until she got a little bit bigger (she’s now a whopping 17lbs) I was shocked that she actually loved the class. It was nice because you get in the pool with them so she didn’t really have any problems with her recent “stranger danger” episodes. It makes me feel really secure to know that I’m taking the steps to prepare her for the summer since I plan on spending close to 40 hours a week in G-daddy’s pool.  I read Freakonomics and it actually says something like, it’s more safe to have a loaded gun on your kitchen counter than to have a pool in your back yard. (don’t you love how I loosely and casually quote something so serious?)  We don’t have a pool but family members do and…. well….. that’s scary enough for me. She is in the “minnows” class, here are a couple of pictures….


Looking just like Daddy in this one :)



Obviously I was having loads of fun too. I really appreciate that the big guy caught the true essence of my double chin in the first  photo.  Squeaker is still refusing to walk (15 months old now) If any of you mommies have any suggestions to get her moving I’d appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend! Love you!

The Best Sippy Cup Ever. Seriously.

After searching for weeks  months, I have finally found the perfect sippy cup. What makes it perfect you ask? First of all it doesn’t leak, that alone would make it a winner, but thats not all. It has handles, a straw, and a lid that is attached. Gone are the days of crawling underneath a restaurant table to find the lid, the one thing that separates every disgusting germ from the inside of your babies precious mouth. I won’t say that I’m paranoid, but I do assume that Squeaker has the flu the minute she touches the handle of a grocery cart or crawls in my closet and picks up a shoe.  So without further ado, say hello to the ZoLi ‘BOT’ cup

That nifty weight at the end of the straw allows for the straw to follow the milk (or juice etc) around no matter how Squeaker is holding it. Don’t be fooled by other brands that look  like they have the same thing, the straws on some of the other brands are too stiff and don’t work.

I hope you enjoy! What are some of your genius baby finds? oh and honestly…… can you handle the cute? I for one, can not….

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