Gap Baby Haul!

Gap always has things go on sale for what they swear will only be 48 hours, or the weekend, or whatever…. and when that happens, and I’ve had my eye on something I buy it then. Things never really go on sale there for more than 40% so when you see that definitely buy everything. If they ever do have a sale for more than 40% they never have the proper sizes. Here’s what I  purchased for Squeaker the last time Gap had a sale.

Squeaker will be 18 months in May so I went ahead and stocked up on some cute summer stuff.  What’s your favorite thing?

Wednesday was my birthday and tomorrow night I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrate! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I promise to take pictures! Have a great weekend Lovers! Greer

Wednesday’s: What A Wonderful World!

The happiest noise in the world has got to be laughter. Any laughter really but have you ever heard a baby/kid laugh? ahhhhh what a sound. What an absolutely amazing gift we have to communicate happiness in any language. Have you ever been grocery shopping and heard a kid one row over giggling? You immediately smile right???? It’s so good!!! Makes you kiss your own baby, right there, because you’re happy. Well watch this…..

Right now I want to book a trip to Disney World. I couldn’t surprise Squeaker because she’s too little, but man to see her smile and giggle, well that’ll make a mommy move mountains, work over-time, dance like a fool in public in a spit covered top. All for that giggle, squeal sweet happy baby noise. Can you believe babies are being born everyday? What A Wonderful World!

Have a Great Week Lovers!

Valentine’s weekend recap

This weekend was amazing! Friday, Valentine’s Day, was Squeakers first day of school. It was terrifying. It’s crazy to think we just drop our kids off with people we may have seen a total of 3 times…. right? Anyway, she looked cute, we gave her all of her gifts the night before…. she got crayons and new sneakers… wanna see?



They are the Toddler Puma Steeple Glitz in silver. (Side note: anything in Green is a link :)

coloring with DADA

(Notice “Melmo” right there? told ya, He doesn’t go very far)


Friday we stayed home, Saturday we actually got a sitter and went out for dinner. We went to RDG a restaurant here in Houston. It was amazing! Very expensive but totally worth a nice night. Sunday I went to a going away party for my friend Brittani who’s moving to LA. So sad to see her go but she’s got big opportunities there and totally deserves this change and big step. Houston’s loss is LA’s gain for sure! For some reason I keep forgetting to take pictures!


Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

I consider Valentine’s Day to be our anniversary. 6 years ago on this day the big guy took me on our first date. How we got to that point was a little more complicated than it sounds. I was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, on March 12th 1983. The day Jesus really said “Let there be light” I kid. I kid.

My husband was also born in Baton Rouge and we went to the same High School for 2 years before I switched schools. Anyway I met him in Spanish class, (yo hablo NO Espanol) at the ripe age of 14. He was a grade above me and had a car so we drove around talking for a year just as friends. Never dated, never kissed. Fast forward like 11 years and we both randomly lived in Houston……

I said something on MySpace like “What’s going on in Houston tonight” and we realized we lived about 45 minutes apart. This was right before Valentines day. Valentine’s day fell on a Wednesday that year and he asked me on a date for that Friday. Sure, why not, we were friends right? So after he asked me on that date I posted something like “Wednesday night is Valentine’s, who’s taking me out?” As you can imagine my comment box exploded…. :) and the big guy sent me an immediate text saying, and I quote “that’s messed up, I’m taking you out Friday and you’re having others guys ask you out for Wednesday?” I meeeeeeean…. we weren’t dating, I hadn’t even seen him in years…… basically I was a jerk. Luckily he knows what he wants and said “Cancel your date with whoever and I’m taking you out BOTH nights”

I fell in love right then, at that moment, without knowing it… I had found my soul mate.

After our second date, that Friday, we were almost never apart again. I threw caution to the wind and we were engaged 5 months later, we were married 5 months after that on Television. The Rachel Ray Show to be exact.

So today, more than my birthday, more than our wedding day or the day of my daughters birth, means more to me than any other day in the whole wide world. I took the first step into our future, the one that makes my birthday’s special, made my wedding happen and later created the most adorable girl in the world, our Squeaker. Today marks 6 years of kissing that big dude I met as a kid.

It’s love y’all. The real deal. The sometimes ugly but always there love. The kind worth living for. Cheers Lovers and have a very Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!

November 2, 2008

and because I’m such a hopeless romantic I baked him this lovely cake…..


Relationships are like a bank…..

Relationships, in my opinion, are like a bank. I am the teller, the loan officer, the manager and the president of my bank. I mean by that, that I Greer, hold the keys and all of the codes to this well established, functioning bank. Let me explain…..

If you put in $100 into the bank, then at any reasonable hour, you can expect to pull that same $100 out. If you put into our relationship, you can expect a friend in return. This isn’t to say I don’t believe in the whole “do unto others” thing, because I do, I “turn the other cheek” but I’m not an ass  idiot. I won’t personally continue to invest my money  time into a person who only continues to call me for favors or when something is going on for me. This has been a very sad realization lately. It has been my New Years resolution to stop spending time on things and people that offer absolutely no “return” and only drain my accounts… I mean that both figuratively AND literally. A bank would never allow you to only make withdrawals. The bank would go broke.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. How last year I went broke. My husband lost his job, I was navigating my first year as a new mom, I had a huge health scare with an immediate family member and when I scrolled the 700+ people in my phone I had no one to really call. When I should have been happy about throwing my daughter her first birthday party, I felt defeated, all I wanted was someone to say “I’ll be there early to help set up.” My bank was bankrupt. I felt broken.

It also made me realize that I had people I needed to invest in. People I wished I had called more. I started (in my best attempt) to offer my banks services and realized that, though few, I had loyal friends.

So if you only call me to talk about allowing your friend/sister/aunt/cousin to model for my salon or if you have a girlfriend who does great hair; if you want to know where we are going on vacation, if your neighbor can carry her newly launched shampoo in Brush & Blush…… save it…… My bank is in recovery.

However, if you’d like to get our kids together for a play-date, if you wanna meet at the bookstore between us for a cup of coffee, wanna cook out at your house and have a glass of wine while we talk about our families and jobs…… I’ll try to be better about realizing you are trying to make a deposit, and I’ll make one in return…. promise.

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Wednesday’s: What A Wonderful World!

Everyone I know says they don’t watch the news because it’s too depressing, and who could blame them?  Every time I click on the news I am shocked at the horrific things happening and even more surprised by the lack of good news. Because of all of the terrible news on T.V. I am dedicating every Wednesday to a feel good story. Real life stuff that’ll make you smile and hopefully make you think, even if for a moment, “what a wonderful world!”

Have you heard of Alex Bilodeau? If you haven’t been watching the Olympics in Sochi then maybe not, but if you have you know this cute Canadian. He is 26 years old and a gold medalist in freestyle skiing. He is fluent in both French and English and has a super cute girlfriend named Sabrina Bizier. shown here


None of these things are what makes Alex the subject of this post though, what does is this…..


You see that guy he’s pulling over the side rail after completing a damn-near-perfect run? That’s his brother Frederic. Frederic was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy at a very young age and was told he wouldn’t walk past age 12. Frederic is now 28 and still standing (and walking!) Alex claims his big brother is his inspiration in his everyday life and insist on his big bro celebrating with him every step of the way.


Love is so wonderful and time is so precious. Reasons to celebrate are all around us if we just look up.

I hope this picture reminds you of a few things: Siblings are awesome! How lucky are we to have built-in friends?! Odds are guesses, you can beat them. Good things DO happen for/to good people. And last but definitely NOT least





Brush & Blush coming soon to Gateway Memorial City in Houston Texas! eeeek!

My bigger  better half and I headed out to the Gateway Memorial City shopping center for the ribbon cutting ceremony last Thursday. It was very exciting to see that Kuu Restaurant would soon be open; we had some of the appetizers and they were YUMMY! If you don’t know, Gateway Memorial City is on the corner of Gessner and I-10, it will be the home of Brush & Blush as well as several delicious restaurants and other cool places.  Here is a little snap shot of the big guy and me before shoveling food into our faces, and yes my hair is purple now…..

I realize I look upset, I wasn’t I was just freezing! We are so excited to get started on Brush & Blush, construction should start next week and soon we will be taking reservations online! What would you guys like to see in the new place? Leave a comment and I will look into it, promise! I’m just trying to be the Oprah of blow dry bars ;) Thank you so much again for all of the support; we really love and appreciate you!

 what I’m wearing: Blazer: Banana Republic

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