I had a baby!

But not just any baby, an amazing, snuggly, adorable, sweet baby girl!

Officially a girl mom. which is pretty rad because, well, Squeaker is really girly so now that she has a tiny sidekick, life is super sweet!

oh! also! we moved! In to (what we imagine will be) our forever home!

we were gonna re-do our last place but, we knew no matter what we did, eventually we’d want a bigger place. The stars alligned and we built a beautiful home that I am now spending every waking moment cleaning and/or decorating.

I will post sweet baby pictures soon!

Stella & Dot!

Sorry I’ve been MIA but I thought I’d mention that Stella & Dot has launched their new spring collection and it’s well… AWESOME!

click the link below and get it now from your favorite Houstonian ;)


Thank you! And Happy (almost) Valentines Day!

Later Lovers! Greer

Orange or Orangutan?

This is going to be confusing. It’s not a great analogy, I admit, but stay with me if you will.

Imagine if you will, that there is a person that always refers to an orange, the fruit, as an orangutan. They don’t know any better. No one has ever corrected them. No one has stopped to ask them where they learned this. Their family and people closest  just laughs it off and says, when they are beyond earshot, “that’s just how they are, who are we to correct them”

They make the same mistake in reverse too. When they enter the primate section of the zoo, they point and says “look at that orange, scratching his head” They might even say something like “ya know, I really do believe that we evolved from oranges”.

Around family, no problem, they know what they mean. Family makes allowances for silly mistakes.

Now this person is gainfully employed. Obviously, they do not work in a lab, or a grocery store, but employed. They misuse these words in general conversation and a co-worker stops and explains that, they are clearly mistaken. The co-worker is unbelievably confused because the response from this person would be…

“WHAT! no way. No way, no how! All of the people closest to me love me. We speak everyday about oranges and orangutans and they have never corrected me.” Not caring they co-worker thinks “whatever” and carries on.

The problem isn’t just oranges and orangutans though, now the person has pretty much invented an entirely new way to live and communicate that is hurting them. As you can imagine, things don’t go super smoothly for the person trying to communicate that they need orangutan juice at the grocery store. They are paranoid that everyone is out to get them, why else are they constantly on your ass about your misuse of words? It starts to be easier to just be around people who don’t call you out, making most of your other relationships short-lived. The time line for relationships begins to be “until we have to talk about oranges or after our first visit to the zoo”

The entire point of this nonsensical blubbering is this………….

If you love someone, it is completely ok to say “you are wrong, I love you but, you’re wrong. If you go out in the world confused about these things, life is gonna be tough. I’m afraid for you because though this simple mistake is not a big deal, you seem to be confusing several words like ‘truth’ and ‘lie’ and ‘love’ and ‘manipulation’. It’s a simple adjustment, it won’t happen over night, but I’m here for you when you slip up”

Loving someone is hard. Loving someone making stupid mistakes is harder. Loving someone leaving confused and hurt people in their wake is damn near impossible.

Does anyone understand me? -Greer

Thug Kitchen!

It finally came!

I finally got my edition of  Thug Kitchen and I am so excited to get started on some of the recipes! I really prefer veggies to meat, so this is right up my alley! the first things I am going to make are, Ginger-mushroom summer rolls (I know it’s not summer, but…yum), spicy pickled carrots and coconut-lime rice with red beans and mango.  yah! This is gonna be fun!

Get it here.

Squeaker turns 2 tomorrow! I can’t believe it. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t cried once, or twice….. or  A LOT. Her birthday party was yesterday and it was so fun. I will post pics soon.

Yesterday was also my 6 year wedding anniversary! I surprised the big guy with a weekend in New Orleans as well as some Saints football tickets! Geaux Saints! I received this gorgeous pair of booties that I have been swooning over since I first laid eyes on them!


Hope you are all have a wonderful week!

later lovers! Greer

Home Improvement!

So the big guy and I decided to skip vacation, and instead spend a few dollars around our home. We don’t have a lot to spend so one of the things we were thinking of was painting all interior doors black. like this…..

In addition to that we are going to have our flowerbeds re-mulched

(lame I know)

I’ve been really excited to re-do Squeakers’ room for her 2nd birthday too. It’s all purple gray and yellow from her nursery, but I’m using these pictures as inspiration….

I want to do a canopy around her bed. Her bed and dresser are both from Restoration Hardware baby and they are gray, sorta like this

These are blackout curtains and they are on sale! Woo hop Pottery Barn. She has dark wood blinds in there now but, I’m over them and curtains would really lighten the room up. I’m really not going for a theme, I’d just like to add more color and have the room look “rich” with lots of patterns and fun spots for her to hang. She LOVES books so I’m really looking forward to making her a little reading nook later on , but for now she still really likes sitting with us in her glider and having us read to her.

I can’t wait to change her crib to a toddler bed. I’m still on the hunt for a perfect light gray color for her walls and bedding that isn’t pink! I really want the bedding to be super cozy and fluffy :)

I love these colors! It’s colorful but the colors are muted! My fave! I would like to use all of these colors in her “big girl room” and I am so excited to order this growth chart from Land of Nod because SQUEAKER IS WALKING! yah! I can’t wait to start measuring my little nugget on this! And… I love birds…..

Also I’d like to re-carpet her room but… we will see…

We also want a really nice outdoor table set for 6-8 people. They are on sale all over now because it’s end of season and we spend a good deal of time in our backyard which is slowly becoming my favorite part of our house. Our office is a nightmare! we can never, and I mean never agree on office furniture and they color now is turquoise. It’s dimly lit and every piece of furniture needs to be replaced.  COMPLETE overhaul. Not sure where to even begin there but I’m sure that’s where a lot of our budget will go.  I have not found a single picture of a home office that I like…. maybe I’m picky? nooooo ;)

If you find any cool office pictures send them to me on pinterest! Follow me above! oh and follow me on here too !

Later lovers- Greer

Loving lately….

It’s been quite some time since I listed a few of the things that I’ve been loving so this might be a little all over the place. Forgive me, or better still, just don’t read.

I’m a huge fan of Aveeno products. No surprise their body wash is amazing. The price is high. Really high when you are looking at the Dial soap and saying to yourself  “unless this Dial has the tears of children in it, It might be a better idea”  But, I can assure you friends, Aveeno has done it again, creating a soap that hydrates and smells nice. None of those ridiculous scents like “Summer rain”….. Have you ever smelled anyone who just walked in from a summer rain? It’s terrible. Heres a delicious scent called “wet dog”……ummm no thanks.

Speaking of scents, bergamot. I’ve always loved it and just remembered how happy the scent makes me every time I pass it. Mostly in candles, I wouldn’t spray the scent on me or anything, but it smells…. cozy. Makes me want to cuddle up and enjoy some hot tea and read my next new fave…..

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

Great so far. I’ll do a full review when I am done. Also remember when I read Gone Girl? I told you all it was “over rated”? Movie coming out! Like all the other great books, Twilight anyone? The Fault in our Stars? I kid, I kid. But seriously it stars…., wait for it….., Ben Affleck. siiiigh

These shoes.

Jessica Simpson shoes are the truth! None of the mercury in all of that tuna has affected the fact that this lady can design a sturdy, vestal, comfortable and good-looking pump. I wear these EVERYDAY, and I love them. If you follow me on Instagram you probably see them all the time which is why I am ordering another pair and getting them in black as well. Go Jessica! And congrats on the wedding and super cute kids too!

Squeaker would like to share a few things as well. First up,

All natural, Gluten free, baked, blah blah blah. decently healthy treat that she loves. Notice I said “treat” and not snack. Snacks around here are in fact whole, clean foods, but, if she wants a hand full of these so I can concentrate in the wine isle, so be it.

Also, Monsters Inc. I’m not sure why she has such a fascination with this movie. She’s more like me in that, she can watch a 30 minute show but a movie is pushing it. This movie however has her full attention the entire time it’s on. She liked the Croods for a while too…

Oh, and remember that water play table the Easter Bunny brought her? CLUTCH! That thing is a game changer. From now on everyones kid is getting a water play table from me, safer than a pool, just as easy to put away, fills faster and the kid can play for a solid 2 hours at that thing. So, if you invite me to your kids birthday…. go ahead and expect that. You can thank me later. I’m like Oprah with those things now… “you get a water play table, and you get a water play table..”

Thank you for reading. I will be writing more frequently. Something you want to see leave it for me in comments. They don’t all get approved so you can save your rude comments for someone else :)

Later Lovers!

I’m back!

I know, I know, it’s about time. BUT…… We finally opened our doors to brush&blush and I can not wait to give you guys the tour and tell you what’s been going on. First of all this,

My beautiful family the night of our grand opening! We were all squinting a little because of the sun, but, you get it!

here are a couple more of my favs!

Women supporting women, nothing better! Aren’t my friends gorgeous?

One of the most hilarious people I know, our manager, Shoshuna.

So now that we are open I’ve been overwhelmed with work. I’m not complaining, I feel incredibly blessed and I’m looking forward to building an empire for my little family. Being a business owner has always been a dream of mine and we are making it happen!

On another note Squeaker is now 20 months old and still not walking. It’s been very tough trying to make a proper plan of action for my little love. Advice comes from every corner, and trying to filter it all and choose the best option for my family is tough. Therapy, no therapy. If she gets therapy, should we do it at school or at home? Should I put her in school full-time to be around other “walking” children more? Is it completely normal? How many specialist can one baby see?  I’m grateful that it seems that it is not neurological and the other day she actually held my hand and walked about 20′. I cried like an absolute baby. Nothing feels better than seeing your child reach a milestone. I’ve always watched these movies in the grocery store walking hand-in-hand with their toddlers and thought ‘one day that’ll be us’. Hopefully that day is sooner than later, but for now I am hopeful. All in Gods time I suppose.

Speaking of Squeaker I am trying to plan her 2nd birthday! I know it’s not until November but, I like to find little things on sale early instead of trying to throw it all together last-minute. I think our gift to her will be a “bug girl” room. Not, totally big girl but, ya know, rearrange some thing, make her crib into a toddler bed, pack up baby toys, etc. How long did you mommies wait? Right at 2, or later? I know some people wait until their child is like 5….. and I’m not into that. I’d be willing to wait a bit longer though if 2 is too early.

Oh! I almost forgot! they did a feature on me in Houston Brides magazine! lil ol’ me! Can you believe it? I’ll post a link soon!

Later Lovers!



So I’m going to let you guys in on the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. So far. I say so far because I put myself out there so much in life that I’m bound to have worse happen.  It happened just about a week ago, on a Wednesday. I had the new manager of my salon over to start some work. She has been coming over for about a month just so we can do some work before the salon actually opens. I tried to make a couple of cups of Community coffee in my kurreg, which end up tasting a lot more like community garbage than the Community coffee I love so much. So after watching her struggle to swallow it, I suggest we go to Starbucks.

While walking out of the door my husband and business partner (who I often refer to as ‘the big guy’) ask me to run off a couple of copies of something he say’s we need for an upcoming meeting. I agree and he hands me a hard drive.

This is not a problem for me, if I myself had to plug-in this hard drive and make copies… I’d have no clue, but he simply tell me all I have to do is hand this to the guy at Kinkos, and tell him to make the copies. No biggie, I know that guy, he knows me, he calls me by name. He has often helped me carry packages to and from my car. He even recognized when I got a new car! We both live in the neighborhood behind his lovely copier place, so we often say things like “see you at the Easter egg hunt”  I never actually attend these things but, it’s nice to act like I would. The rest of the story goes like this……..

I walk in, co-worker and Manager in-toe and hand him the hard drive.

“Hi Miss Greer!”

” Hi ——-”  I say   “How have you been? This is my friend————“

“Good Good, very good. Haven’t seen you in a while, you look good. Hi ———– nice to meet you”

I hand him the hard drive, he plugs that bad boy in. Meanwhile I’m whispering to my co-worker how I’ve known this guy for a while, really nice but he talks a lot. “this is where I want you to come to make copies for me —— will take care of you, he REALLY likes me”

“ummm Miss Greer?”


“they have nothing to print… only pictures. do you want me to print pictures?”

“What, no. What pictures? Let me see”

He turns the screen around. And there. it. is.

My vagina.

Pictures from my birth. Legs in stirrups. sweaty face.

“no, don’t print those. I’ll take that hard drive and get the right one. I’m so sorry”

That my friends is what I call employee bonding.

Now that we’ve bonded. please subscribe. I’m gonna go silently weep and eat a cupcake.


I’ve had No time lately. Brush & Blush should open any day now and I can’t wait but I’m EXHAUSTED! Here’s what’s been going on outside of the salon…

First of all I’m reading this..

It’s a New York Times best seller. I’m not done yet but so far it doesn’t live up to the hype in my opinion. For me it’s a mixture of a sad/scary but also bat-shit crazy couple who are no longer in love, so if you’re into that, read on sister. One thing I do actually enjoy about this book is that the narrator changes mid-book, kinda cool. My last book was a David Sedaris that made me laugh so hard I cried, so well Gone Girl was a reeeeal downer in comparison. Then again, to each their own, and again, I’m no scholar. ;)

Yesterday I worked in my yard for 8, yes 8, hours. It was amazing. I haven’t had that much time to do something I like all alone in a LONG time and I find working in my yard to be very relaxing. I learned all about Lichen. That’s the stuff on trees that looks like this…

It was causing my Oak trees to grow much slower but, like a true type A, after identifying the problem I read how to rid my trees of this and then got to work. I’m pretty proud of myself, waiting for the weather to get better so I can finish the yard and really enjoy the out doors by getting hammered on my patio.

The most exciting news is this…

I was going to save this for my March favorites but allow me to share now. This is the Dr. Dennis Gross 14 day challenge. I only have 4 days left and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! Works wonders! My skin looks SO much better, texture, tone, everything. I would totally recommend it. It’s here. You’re welcome.

Other than that just, making employee handbooks, buying and upgrading business phones, setting up photo shoots, hiring employees, letting other people down gently, talking to 3 different suppliers, setting up training, and trying a billion different hot tools…. suggestions for the best curling iron or wand are encouraged. I think I could sleep for 3 months straight.

I love you for reading this. You make me happy. Sign up on the right to get updates and if you wanna be super cool, “like” your favorite post so I can make more that are similar!

Later Lovers, Greer

5 signs you’ve really got your shit together… at home

The title explains it so we’ll jump right in.

1. Organized under-sinks. Especially under-bathroom-sinks. Mine are pretty organized but when I see stuff like this,

I feel like a failure. First of all, how is your shit colored coordinated? And you’re telling me you didn’t have that 1 extra roll of toilet paper that didn’t fit in your basket so it’s sitting a-top your toilet like the rest of us? or better yet, on top the other roll?

Still, I want to be you, and learn your ways.

2. Your car is always clean. I’ve managed this one a time or two. A clean car makes me happy. Unlike underneath your sinks, you see the inside of your car daily, so clutter stresses me out and I’ll actually make time for that. When I do clean out my car though, i don’t just go grab an old grocery bag for trash…. no honey, I’ve gotta pull the outside garbage can around. But, look at this!

I have a child. I have never thought she needed this much stuff for a simple trip to Target. Now I do. AND you have the nerve to mention you bought all this from the Dollar Store?

Let’s hang out, because you ma’am have really got it together.

3. You use an iron. On your clothes. Like and adult. Honestly, who uses an iron? I wet a sock and throw it in the dryer on “de-wrinkle” why else buy a dryer with a de-wrinkle button? Some people find it charming that I have to change my clothing throughout the day like a toddler. Mostly because I spill things on myself, or I find something after 4 hours of wearing it to be “itchy”. So there.

But still, could you show me how to iron? for real?

4. Your wreath matches the holiday we are currently celebrating. Or really if you put up decorations for every single holiday, show off. I don’t mean to brag but, I still have my Valentines wreath up. But, it is Spring and my wreath is flowers…. sooooo, who cares if it’s in the shape of a heart. I LOVE Easter so that’s what the heart means…. sorta. And plus It’s cold outside, so changing it now might get me sick.

But…. Thanks for reminding me what holiday I should be expecting. Who knew presidents day wasn’t that long ago?

5. you wake up early. I have tried. LORD knows I have tried. But really, if there isn’t at least 4 digits on the clock, I can’t function; not properly anyway. I’d probably do lots more things if they started around 1p.m. Maybe attend church or a parade or something… or a church parade.. I don’t know.

All of these things I wish I was better at. Really I do. BUT, I’m super fun and you can’t teach that. So there is always that. Oh and the last thing I made at home turned out pretty wonderful….. see

photo-5 We are decorating for Easter today.

Later Lovers! Greer

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