So I’m going to let you guys in on the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. So far. I say so far because I put myself out there so much in life that I’m bound to have worse happen.  It happened just about a week ago, on a Wednesday. I had the new manager of my salon over to start some work. She has been coming over for about a month just so we can do some work before the salon actually opens. I tried to make a couple of cups of Community coffee in my kurreg, which end up tasting a lot more like community garbage than the Community coffee I love so much. So after watching her struggle to swallow it, I suggest we go to Starbucks.

While walking out of the door my husband and business partner (who I often refer to as ‘the big guy’) ask me to run off a couple of copies of something he say’s we need for an upcoming meeting. I agree and he hands me a hard drive.

This is not a problem for me, if I myself had to plug-in this hard drive and make copies… I’d have no clue, but he simply tell me all I have to do is hand this to the guy at Kinkos, and tell him to make the copies. No biggie, I know that guy, he knows me, he calls me by name. He has often helped me carry packages to and from my car. He even recognized when I got a new car! We both live in the neighborhood behind his lovely copier place, so we often say things like “see you at the Easter egg hunt”  I never actually attend these things but, it’s nice to act like I would. The rest of the story goes like this……..

I walk in, co-worker and Manager in-toe and hand him the hard drive.

“Hi Miss Greer!”

” Hi ——-”  I say   “How have you been? This is my friend————“

“Good Good, very good. Haven’t seen you in a while, you look good. Hi ———– nice to meet you”

I hand him the hard drive, he plugs that bad boy in. Meanwhile I’m whispering to my co-worker how I’ve known this guy for a while, really nice but he talks a lot. “this is where I want you to come to make copies for me —— will take care of you, he REALLY likes me”

“ummm Miss Greer?”


“they have nothing to print… only pictures. do you want me to print pictures?”

“What, no. What pictures? Let me see”

He turns the screen around. And there. it. is.

My vagina.

Pictures from my birth. Legs in stirrups. sweaty face.

“no, don’t print those. I’ll take that hard drive and get the right one. I’m so sorry”

That my friends is what I call employee bonding.

Now that we’ve bonded. please subscribe. I’m gonna go silently weep and eat a cupcake.

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