5 signs you’ve really got your shit together… at home

The title explains it so we’ll jump right in.

1. Organized under-sinks. Especially under-bathroom-sinks. Mine are pretty organized but when I see stuff like this,

I feel like a failure. First of all, how is your shit colored coordinated? And you’re telling me you didn’t have that 1 extra roll of toilet paper that didn’t fit in your basket so it’s sitting a-top your toilet like the rest of us? or better yet, on top the other roll?

Still, I want to be you, and learn your ways.

2. Your car is always clean. I’ve managed this one a time or two. A clean car makes me happy. Unlike underneath your sinks, you see the inside of your car daily, so clutter stresses me out and I’ll actually make time for that. When I do clean out my car though, i don’t just go grab an old grocery bag for trash…. no honey, I’ve gotta pull the outside garbage can around. But, look at this!

I have a child. I have never thought she needed this much stuff for a simple trip to Target. Now I do. AND you have the nerve to mention you bought all this from the Dollar Store?

Let’s hang out, because you ma’am have really got it together.

3. You use an iron. On your clothes. Like and adult. Honestly, who uses an iron? I wet a sock and throw it in the dryer on “de-wrinkle” why else buy a dryer with a de-wrinkle button? Some people find it charming that I have to change my clothing throughout the day like a toddler. Mostly because I spill things on myself, or I find something after 4 hours of wearing it to be “itchy”. So there.

But still, could you show me how to iron? for real?

4. Your wreath matches the holiday we are currently celebrating. Or really if you put up decorations for every single holiday, show off. I don’t mean to brag but, I still have my Valentines wreath up. But, it is Spring and my wreath is flowers…. sooooo, who cares if it’s in the shape of a heart. I LOVE Easter so that’s what the heart means…. sorta. And plus It’s cold outside, so changing it now might get me sick.

But…. Thanks for reminding me what holiday I should be expecting. Who knew presidents day wasn’t that long ago?

5. you wake up early. I have tried. LORD knows I have tried. But really, if there isn’t at least 4 digits on the clock, I can’t function; not properly anyway. I’d probably do lots more things if they started around 1p.m. Maybe attend church or a parade or something… or a church parade.. I don’t know.

All of these things I wish I was better at. Really I do. BUT, I’m super fun and you can’t teach that. So there is always that. Oh and the last thing I made at home turned out pretty wonderful….. see

photo-5 We are decorating for Easter today.

Later Lovers! Greer

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