Valentine’s weekend recap

This weekend was amazing! Friday, Valentine’s Day, was Squeakers first day of school. It was terrifying. It’s crazy to think we just drop our kids off with people we may have seen a total of 3 times…. right? Anyway, she looked cute, we gave her all of her gifts the night before…. she got crayons and new sneakers… wanna see?



They are the Toddler Puma Steeple Glitz in silver. (Side note: anything in Green is a link :)

coloring with DADA

(Notice “Melmo” right there? told ya, He doesn’t go very far)


Friday we stayed home, Saturday we actually got a sitter and went out for dinner. We went to RDG a restaurant here in Houston. It was amazing! Very expensive but totally worth a nice night. Sunday I went to a going away party for my friend Brittani who’s moving to LA. So sad to see her go but she’s got big opportunities there and totally deserves this change and big step. Houston’s loss is LA’s gain for sure! For some reason I keep forgetting to take pictures!


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