Super anti aging foods for the skin

So if you’re reading any beauty magazines or visiting the dermatologist on a regular basis…. and you’re my age…. you’ve been moved from the “I have combination skin” cream, to the anti-aging section. I have always had troublesome oily skin that I’ve hated disliked since I can remember. Now that I’ve….. switched sections….in my skin care routine I really appreciate it. My doc says my skin actually looks much younger because I have very few wrinkles. He asked me what my skin care routine looked like and when I explained that it looked a lot like me not giving a….. well you know…. he started asking more questions and here’s what I learned.

I don’t smoke and I’m serious about sunblock. When I say serious I mean serious. I lather down if the big guy and I are having brunch outdoors anywhere. Though those things are huge he still asked more questions like “what do you eat?” When I told him he looked shocked. He said I ate a lot of “super foods.” I was curious what that really meant because I had heard the term thrown around a lot. I went and bought this book

Power Foods For The Brain by: Neal D. Barnard, MD

Now I know what you’re thinking “What does your brain have to do with skin care?”


BUT, in my fourth hour in Barnes and Nobles I decided to purchase this instead, my brain probably needs more work anyway.

In my own personal research I have found that several of the foods multitask, helping both. I have decided to write this particular post just about skin care though. More specifically, anti aging skin care. Foods that help maintain that youthful, dewy, plump skin.

Now of course their are several topical ideas to treat your skin concerns but this is all about what you eat. You have to eat anyway right? Might as well have it help you look like Beyonce’ girl!

Now listen, I am not a doctor. I’m not even that bright, this is just what I have gathered on my quest to healthy skin. You can over-do anything. That includes vitamins and minerals. So don’t act crazy and only eat Salmon and spinach for 3 months. Consult your own doctor. Got that? ok… let’s begin…

Zinc: you need it, foods got it. Zinc is a mineral that helps skin regenerate and heal. Young or old, acne and sores suck, and zinc helps heal that. It’s what is found in diaper rash creams and dandruff shampoo, even in your sunscreen. Don’t overdo it but here are the food I love loaded with Zinc. Spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashews, dark chocolate, white mushrooms and cooked oysters.

Vitamin A: or retinol, you’ve heard of retin-A right? yeh. It’s used everyday to fight aging skin. It’s also critical for a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. it’s all about skin cell turnover and this beauty helps that happen much faster. To help absorbtion eat with fats. Here’s my list of yummy foods with Vitamin A. Sweet potato, carrots, kale, sweet red peppers and mangos.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: a polyunsaturated fatty acid. Helps those tiny little cells hold on to water, you know, so you don’t look like a raisin. It does all this by helping your body in the production of inflammatory compounds. Here’s what I shove in my face. Salmon, edamame, walnuts, brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Antioxidants: Nutrient. Yep, that’s all it is. Don’t you remember when people were all, “I only drink green tea” ? I do, while I was ordering a Coca-Cola, I don’t need your judgement. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants but it makes me sick. Coca-Cola however makes me feel like a rock-star. Back on topic…. anyway you need antioxidants to counteract the damaging, but normal, effects of oxidation in your skin tissue. These bad boys neutralize free-radicals. Free-radicals suck, they cause wrinkles. Basically it protects your skin. Try eating these, blueberries, blackberries, granny smith apples and black plums.

Vitamin C: or absorbic acid, depending on how close you guys are. This helps in the production of collagen. Let me say that again for you. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen. Collagen, in case you live under a rock, is what babies have loads of that gives them that squishy, smooth cuteness. The body needs it to produce sebum, your bodies natural conditioner. So before you get injected try these foods, yellow bell peppers, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries and tomatoes

So there you have it. Foods that will help stop that aging process in its tracks. I say help because if you’re smoking, 1997 called and it wants it’s “cool” back. Stop. Seriously. Just stop. I know that’s easier said than done, but, bleh…

I love being tan. I feel better and I know I look better, which is why I use St. Tropez self tanner. Fool proof and not gonna give you wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer.

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