Squeaker learns to swim!

Squeakers G-daddy gave her swim lessons for her birthday. She’s pretty tiny so we decided to hold off until she got a little bit bigger (she’s now a whopping 17lbs) I was shocked that she actually loved the class. It was nice because you get in the pool with them so she didn’t really have any problems with her recent “stranger danger” episodes. It makes me feel really secure to know that I’m taking the steps to prepare her for the summer since I plan on spending close to 40 hours a week in G-daddy’s pool.  I read Freakonomics and it actually says something like, it’s more safe to have a loaded gun on your kitchen counter than to have a pool in your back yard. (don’t you love how I loosely and casually quote something so serious?)  We don’t have a pool but family members do and…. well….. that’s scary enough for me. She is in the “minnows” class, here are a couple of pictures….


Looking just like Daddy in this one :)



Obviously I was having loads of fun too. I really appreciate that the big guy caught the true essence of my double chin in the first  photo.  Squeaker is still refusing to walk (15 months old now) If any of you mommies have any suggestions to get her moving I’d appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend! Love you!

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