Relationships are like a bank…..

Relationships, in my opinion, are like a bank. I am the teller, the loan officer, the manager and the president of my bank. I mean by that, that I Greer, hold the keys and all of the codes to this well established, functioning bank. Let me explain…..

If you put in $100 into the bank, then at any reasonable hour, you can expect to pull that same $100 out. If you put into our relationship, you can expect a friend in return. This isn’t to say I don’t believe in the whole “do unto others” thing, because I do, I “turn the other cheek” but I’m not an ass  idiot. I won’t personally continue to invest my money  time into a person who only continues to call me for favors or when something is going on for me. This has been a very sad realization lately. It has been my New Years resolution to stop spending time on things and people that offer absolutely no “return” and only drain my accounts… I mean that both figuratively AND literally. A bank would never allow you to only make withdrawals. The bank would go broke.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. How last year I went broke. My husband lost his job, I was navigating my first year as a new mom, I had a huge health scare with an immediate family member and when I scrolled the 700+ people in my phone I had no one to really call. When I should have been happy about throwing my daughter her first birthday party, I felt defeated, all I wanted was someone to say “I’ll be there early to help set up.” My bank was bankrupt. I felt broken.

It also made me realize that I had people I needed to invest in. People I wished I had called more. I started (in my best attempt) to offer my banks services and realized that, though few, I had loyal friends.

So if you only call me to talk about allowing your friend/sister/aunt/cousin to model for my salon or if you have a girlfriend who does great hair; if you want to know where we are going on vacation, if your neighbor can carry her newly launched shampoo in Brush & Blush…… save it…… My bank is in recovery.

However, if you’d like to get our kids together for a play-date, if you wanna meet at the bookstore between us for a cup of coffee, wanna cook out at your house and have a glass of wine while we talk about our families and jobs…… I’ll try to be better about realizing you are trying to make a deposit, and I’ll make one in return…. promise.

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