Wednesday’s: What A Wonderful World!

Everyone I know says they don’t watch the news because it’s too depressing, and who could blame them?  Every time I click on the news I am shocked at the horrific things happening and even more surprised by the lack of good news. Because of all of the terrible news on T.V. I am dedicating every Wednesday to a feel good story. Real life stuff that’ll make you smile and hopefully make you think, even if for a moment, “what a wonderful world!”

Have you heard of Alex Bilodeau? If you haven’t been watching the Olympics in Sochi then maybe not, but if you have you know this cute Canadian. He is 26 years old and a gold medalist in freestyle skiing. He is fluent in both French and English and has a super cute girlfriend named Sabrina Bizier. shown here


None of these things are what makes Alex the subject of this post though, what does is this…..


You see that guy he’s pulling over the side rail after completing a damn-near-perfect run? That’s his brother Frederic. Frederic was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy at a very young age and was told he wouldn’t walk past age 12. Frederic is now 28 and still standing (and walking!) Alex claims his big brother is his inspiration in his everyday life and insist on his big bro celebrating with him every step of the way.


Love is so wonderful and time is so precious. Reasons to celebrate are all around us if we just look up.

I hope this picture reminds you of a few things: Siblings are awesome! How lucky are we to have built-in friends?! Odds are guesses, you can beat them. Good things DO happen for/to good people. And last but definitely NOT least





Best gifts for a 1 year old….. according to Squeaker

So I was looking through pictures of my daughters 1st birthday party, which I have yet to upload, and was thinking of doing a post. While I was doing that I thought, what have been her favorite toys this past year? The big guy and I discussed it at length, talked it over with Squeaker and here is what we came up with….. A gift guide for a 1 year old…..

best 1 yr old gifts
Squeaks LOVES this, chasing the balls around isn’t super fun but, it’s what is suppose to inspire your baby to crawl.
This is a great toy for when other little’s come over. Fun for multiple kid at the same time.
All Little people toys are my go-to for gifts for a 1-3 year old, no little pieces and kids love them. If this is out of your price range, they make several playsets that are just as fun.
You can make several adjustments on the actual radio flyer website to these wagons, even customize your own. I linked this to Walmart because I found that they are much less expensive there, but girl…. if you got it like that go directly to the Radio Flyer website. ;)
At 12.99 you can’t beat it, and how cute are they??!!
These are linked to websites I think are the best as far as ordering online, but that’s not to say that they are the cheapest place to find these items. I would highly recommend checking out Walmart and Amazon when it comes to buying toys at the best price. Especially if you are buying toys for charity and need multiples of these items.
I posted this because my Best Sippy Cup Ever gets the most hits. If you would like to see something specific though feel free to leave a comment, don’t be shy :)
Talk to you soon Lovers!

Sesame Street Live!

We went. We saw. We fell backwards out of a chair and cried…. well, one of us, I’ll let you wonder which one.


My MIL, who we call Nanny, gifted us with Tickets to see Sesame Street Live, here in Houston! Floor seats at that! Immediately after taking this picture we went to go sit down in our folding chairs. Squeakers chair collapsed on her and she fell out of the back! A couple behind us told us it had JUST happened to their little girl. They were quick to help her up and thank goodness their baby bag was on the floor so Squeaks had a bit of padding, but I mean, Sesame Street…. c’mon! Wasn’t a huge deal though because Elmo came out minutes later and made things right the way only Elmo can. You see that Elmo Squeaker is holding? She calls that “Melmo” and she’s pretty serious about carrying it everywhere, kinda funny since she doesn’t really watch Sesame Street all that often. She’s had it since she was 2 months old and I dare you to try and pry that crusty thing from her hands! After Sesame Street we went to Nannys for dinner and, well, Squeaker fell asleep eating broccoli.

All in all I would say it’s a show totally worth seeing. Squeakers 2.5 yr old cousin COULD’T stop dancing and Squeaks  didn’t mind me stealing Melmo so she could clap. The characters walked up and down the isle so an isle seat is just as fun as sitting right in the middle. We were only 8 rows back and I’m happy because it was just enough room to see the back of the stage without straining. People were polite and helpful and dads hunched over so you could see over shoulders. It was awesome. Just ask the 5 year old girl behind us who was shedding tears and screaming “I loooove you Eeeeelmo!!!!” It was like being at a Michael Jackson concert…. you know….sorta like that…..

My footwear: Hunter Rain Boots

Squeakers footwear: Minnetonka Frindge Bootie

Arm Candy and weekend plans…..

I found it. My new bag obsession. Every couple of months or so I find a bag and think, “I’d be willing to eat mustard sandwiches for a month to have that”. Does that make me a bad person? I’m not sure, but what I do know is I’ve found it. the bag I’d be willing to eat a condiment sandwich for months to call my own. I present to you….

The Henri Bendel Limited Edition Confetti Satchel

I’ll be dropping hints about this one until my birthday in March ;)

Tonight we are staying in, the big guy made enchiladas and now we are all hanging on the couch watching the opening  ceremony in Sochi. I love sports. I have always considered myself an athlete, and I have so much respect for people who are, actually, in fact, athletes. lol

Tomorrow I am helping host a baby sprinkle for one of my dear friends, Heather. Who actually got married with me (we will save that story for another day) She will be welcoming her second son soon and we can’t wait!

Sunday, Nanny (Squeaker’s grandmother), Aunt Liv, Squeaker’s cousin Madden and I, will  pack into my car and head over to watch Sesame Street Live. I’m not sure if I should be excited or terrified. Have any of you ever taken your baby to this? If so I’m open to advice, like pack ear plugs….. or you know… whatever…..

Side note: who wants an invite to the Brush & Blush grande opening? It’s invite only so says fire marshal Bill. I kid I kid.

Here’s to hoping THE U.S.A. comes out in Ralph Lauren again and NOT something terrible. Go U.S.A.!

Squeaker learns to swim!

Squeakers G-daddy gave her swim lessons for her birthday. She’s pretty tiny so we decided to hold off until she got a little bit bigger (she’s now a whopping 17lbs) I was shocked that she actually loved the class. It was nice because you get in the pool with them so she didn’t really have any problems with her recent “stranger danger” episodes. It makes me feel really secure to know that I’m taking the steps to prepare her for the summer since I plan on spending close to 40 hours a week in G-daddy’s pool.  I read Freakonomics and it actually says something like, it’s more safe to have a loaded gun on your kitchen counter than to have a pool in your back yard. (don’t you love how I loosely and casually quote something so serious?)  We don’t have a pool but family members do and…. well….. that’s scary enough for me. She is in the “minnows” class, here are a couple of pictures….


Looking just like Daddy in this one :)



Obviously I was having loads of fun too. I really appreciate that the big guy caught the true essence of my double chin in the first  photo.  Squeaker is still refusing to walk (15 months old now) If any of you mommies have any suggestions to get her moving I’d appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend! Love you!

Brush & Blush coming soon to Gateway Memorial City in Houston Texas! eeeek!

My bigger  better half and I headed out to the Gateway Memorial City shopping center for the ribbon cutting ceremony last Thursday. It was very exciting to see that Kuu Restaurant would soon be open; we had some of the appetizers and they were YUMMY! If you don’t know, Gateway Memorial City is on the corner of Gessner and I-10, it will be the home of Brush & Blush as well as several delicious restaurants and other cool places.  Here is a little snap shot of the big guy and me before shoveling food into our faces, and yes my hair is purple now…..

I realize I look upset, I wasn’t I was just freezing! We are so excited to get started on Brush & Blush, construction should start next week and soon we will be taking reservations online! What would you guys like to see in the new place? Leave a comment and I will look into it, promise! I’m just trying to be the Oprah of blow dry bars ;) Thank you so much again for all of the support; we really love and appreciate you!

 what I’m wearing: Blazer: Banana Republic

The Best Sippy Cup Ever. Seriously.

After searching for weeks  months, I have finally found the perfect sippy cup. What makes it perfect you ask? First of all it doesn’t leak, that alone would make it a winner, but thats not all. It has handles, a straw, and a lid that is attached. Gone are the days of crawling underneath a restaurant table to find the lid, the one thing that separates every disgusting germ from the inside of your babies precious mouth. I won’t say that I’m paranoid, but I do assume that Squeaker has the flu the minute she touches the handle of a grocery cart or crawls in my closet and picks up a shoe.  So without further ado, say hello to the ZoLi ‘BOT’ cup

That nifty weight at the end of the straw allows for the straw to follow the milk (or juice etc) around no matter how Squeaker is holding it. Don’t be fooled by other brands that look  like they have the same thing, the straws on some of the other brands are too stiff and don’t work.

I hope you enjoy! What are some of your genius baby finds? oh and honestly…… can you handle the cute? I for one, can not….

January Bath & Body Favorites

I have found several new bath and body products I am LOVING this month! I’d post some makeup favorites, but I will wait to unveil the gorgeous line I have decided to carry in my salon, Brush & Blush, until later.  In the mean time, here is what’s been in my shower :)

Lush: Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub  This stuff is amazing! I have recently learned that if you are trying to tighten your skin you should use a salt scrub and if you would like to open your pores to be able to get a product, like moisturizer, really deep into your skin you should use a sugar scrub. As far as salt scrubs go, this one gets an A+

Speaking of sugar scrubs, I purchased this Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush Body Polish from Sephora and not only does it smell amazing but it also does everything it promises. It has a pretty strong lime smell, that fades soon after toweling off so it’s not over-powering, just enough to invigorate you and get you pumped for the day. At only $20, you get A LOT of product.

Run. No, seriously. Run to Sephora and pick this up today! By far my favorite product purchase of the month, this Josie Maran: Whipped Argan Oil is fantastic! I bought the Vanilla Apricot scent and have since been searching for anything else that smells as delicious. I only use this on my arms and neck because the rest of my body requires being shellacked in a much stronger moisturizer. This product is light, hydrating and in my opinion would make the perfect gift, especially with Valentines day around the corner. Treat a friend to this, she will thank you.

What were you loving this month? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be posting another blog very soon so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear those as well. (Squeakers favorites? Recipe? Fashion?) I’m so excited for this new adventure in our live’s and honored that  you guys care enough to join me on my journey! I promise to post as often as possible and take all recommendations into consideration. Have a great day and stay warm!


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